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  From: John Woon


Dear Friend,


Want the fastest, easiest and laziest way to break 80 immediately?

 Hi, my name is John Woon and I want to share this amazing 

 "Best Golf Instruction

program by Jack Moorehouse with you...because it really works whether you are a high or low handicapped golfer. 

The Best Golf Instruction Book
provides practical and effective professional top golf instruction and golfing tips such as best golf grips, best golf stance, best golf swing guide, best driving golf instruction, best putting tips, best golf practice to
start putting the fun back in your game.
After purchasing the program, you'd be given detailed concepts and specific best golf drills and personal support from the Best Golf Trainer in order for you to practice effectively.

So, What Do You Get From The Best Golf Instruction?

A New Twist on Fundamentals- You'll learn the proper way to address the ball, grip the club and set up.

 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70's Instantly - In just minutes you can learn what Jack has toiled with for most of his life!  He gives you step-by-step instructions on specifically what to do in terms of your swing.

Shotmaking Secrets- Jack tells you specifically how to draw and fade the ball so you can attack any pin you see and add distance when you need it.


Dealing With Trouble Shots - You'll learn how to turn adversity into birdie with these proven techniques to save you from even the toughest of bad breaks.


How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game- You won't have to worry about hitting greens in regulation when Jack teaches you how to get up and down from nearly everywhere.


The Simple Formula for Short Game Shots - This is one of the best and easiest lessons Jack learned to simplify the complex short game shots for handicappers of all levels.

And there are much more...


testimonials Prove It Works:

The following are just some of the hundreds of testimonials and Success Stories: These are golfers just like and women with handicaps anywhere from 3 to 30 or higher.

"I Finally Broke 80!!!"

-----Original Message-----
From: elnatto7@           .com
Sent: Sunday May 26, 2006 1:46 PM
Subject: BROKE 80 FINALLY!!!! More to come as well

Hey man

I forgot to tell you that I FINALLY BROKE 80!!!

On my 'home course' I shot a 79 (38 & 41) par-ing EVERY Par 4 on the front 9 albeit losing concentration on Back 9 because of my great F9! I had 31putts

(48 tee-to-green)

Then, just two weeks later, I shot a 78 (38 & 40) - my tee-to-green wasn't as good as my 79, but my putting (many thanks to your tips) was awesome as I had 27putts (F9: 12putts & B9: 15putts)

(51 tee-to-green, POOR)

I feel that I can combine my 48 tee-to-green + 27putts for a 75

I hope to break 80 for a 3rd time (would be 3rd consecutive round) but am happy with my current progress thanks to your tips and me working on my swing over the past month

I appreciate all of your work and apply many of the tips you give in the newsletter




"I can't believe the immediate results"


-----Original Message-----

From: John Gale [mailto:johnnygazelle@                     com]
Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 10:35 AM


I love your book and its been really great in improving my game. My handicap continues to get lower and my golf buddies are accusing me of sneaking in extra rounds with a pro. The book has been great in helping me work the ball for draws and fades too. I can't believe the immediate results. Your articles are also very helpful. I especially found the article focusing on the catalyst for the golf swing i.e. the take away, extremely helpful. After employing the Harvey Penick's "Magic Move" my swing has been more consistent, yielded more distance, and my shoulders are powering for the follow through.

Also feel free to use my comments above. I can't remember if I ever sent them to you before.




"Handicap dropped from 10.5 to 8.1 in only one month"


-----Original Message-----
From: KARL KIEFFER [mailto:kjk109@                     .com]
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 11:33 AM
Subject: RE: Karl, How's The Book?


Thank so much for the book. It has been by far the best money I've ever spent on golf. My handicap has dropped from a 10.5 to a 8.1 in only a month from all the great tips. I've recommended your e-book to all my golfing friends.

Karl Kieffer



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John Woon

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